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Parent Teacher Interviews

We are so excited about Parent-Teacher Interview Day!

Wednesday, November 20th is Parent-Teacher Interview Night.  Your child should have brought home their report card this evening for you to preview before your interview.  Please bring the report card with you when you come to visit your child's teachers.  Interviews run from 4:30 to 9:30 pm.

We have a lot of presentations running for parents this evening.  Mr. Mark Centazzo is going to be on-site to share information about our Service Rig Program that is available for high school students to take part in.  We will also have a presentation by Madeline Belanger on the topic of Digital Addiction.  This information session will be held from 6:00 to 7:00 pm.  Finally, Ms. Richard will be holding an International Travel Meeting from 5:00 pm.

Babysitting will be available for parents who require a place for their children while you meet with the teachers.  Of course, your child is invited to meet with their teacher as well.

Our PAC/School Council will be selling Raffle Tickets for $5 each.  The proceeds will support our school beautification plan, providing comfortable seating areas throughout the school for students to use.  Any extra funding will go towards our Bus Fund to purchase a new bus when the need presents itself.  Don't forget to pick up your tickets today.

One last note, we are having our biannual breakfast program drive.  Over 30 students a day enjoy the breakfast supplied by our breakfast program.  Your donations of cereal, spoons, cups are greatly appreciated.

See you Wednesday night.

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