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100 Days Smarter!

Today, at Ecole Plamondon School, we celebrated the 100th day of school.  Only 80 school days left to go in this year's learning journey.  Whew! It seems as though the year just continues to fly by; what's that saying "Time flies when you're having fun".  

As part of our celebrations, today students had numeracy challenges, thankfulness challenges, and crafts that dealt with 100 things (cereal, percentages, pasta, and much more).  The grade 1/2 class came by the office for a visit to show off their 100 days smarter crowns and share the joy they had with Mme. Doucet today celebrating 100.  I'm sure the decibel level reached 100 while they were there.

Hope you all enjoy the celebration tonight as the students come home with their treasures.  I know that Mrs. Grygus and the staff are very thankful for every day we get to celebrate the learning of our students and we look forward to what the next 80 school days will bring.

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