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Earth Week Activities at EPS

It is Earth Week this week at Ecole Plamondon School and Hawks of all ages will be taking part in activities to support the good health of our planet.  On Monday we are going to start out with "Meatless Monday" - can you enjoy a day of eating veggies.  Did you know? Eating less meat can reduce your carbon footprint! By eating less beef you could save 3432 trees in one year, this is because raising cows takes much more land than growing vegetables. Why don't you try incorporating a Meatless Monday into your lifestyle? Remember we don't need to become vegetarians just try a Meatless Monday now and again. 

Tuesday we will be playing the Turtle Island Game to learn about Indigenous culture and the environment in Canada! From maple syrup to polar bears, test your knowledge and learn something new.  Wednesday and Thursday will have us playing BINGO and watching our favorite science guy, Bill Nye.  Then we will wrap it all up on Friday with a garbageless lunch - the class, from Kindergarten to Grade 9, that create the least amount of garbage at lunchtime will win a prize.

The link below provides an opportunity for students, families, and community members to take part in this year's tribute to the planet that provides us life, today and every day.

Green Learning

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