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Track & Field UPDATE!

Photo by Austris Augusts on Unsplash

All Grade 5 - 12 Track and Field Athletes participate together. The days for the next three weeks are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week. Please attend whichever practices work for you - full attendance is difficult with other things happening throughout the week. There will be no practice on Tuesday, May 17. Throwing events will only be practiced on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Ms. Nevill. 
Grade 5 - 9 please sign up before Friday for four possible events and put whether you are willing to go in the relay if selected. Grade 10 - 12 please sign up for 3 events plus mark whether you are willing to go in the relay if selected. Do not sign up before you have tried out some of the events.
Please be aware that you should sign up for the maximum number of events for the first meet because you are not guaranteed a spot - we are only allowed to enter a limited number per age group for each event. Be willing to try events that you have not tried before, to ensure that you get to participate on the days of the meets. 
The meets are as follows:

Junior: Wards:  May 26 (in the community - Lac La Biche or Plamondon, TBD)Districts: May 31 - Bonnyville

Senior:Districts: May 18, BonnyvilleZones: May 25, Bonnyville

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